4th Annual

Liquid Alternative Strategies Summit

May 1, 2018 | Convene Conference Center (Times Square) | New York City




5 CFP CE credits will be available

Investments & Wealth Institute® has accepted the program for 9 hours of CE credit towards the CIMA® and CPWA® certifications


7:45 – 8:30 – Registration & Breakfast

8:30 – 8:40 – Welcome Comments & Chairpersons’ Introduction

Don Friedman, Founder & CEO
Joint Venture Events Group

Rick Lake, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman
Lake Partners

Greg Bassuk, Managing Director & Head of Liquid Alternative Strategies
FS Investments

8:40 – 9:30 – Rising Volatility: Opportunities and Risks

Early in 2018, volatility spiked after one of the most placid periods in the history of financial markets. Investing in a higher volatility environment after years of compressed volatility will require fresh thinking for advisors. Managers who have transported volatility strategies into liquid structures will provide an overview of the profit and hedging opportunities as well as the hazards inherent in volatility investing.

Rudy Aguilera, Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager
Ironclad Investments LLC

James Velissaris, Chief Investment Officer
Infinity Q Capital Management

9:30 – 9:55 – Rising Rates: Non-Traditional Bond Funds Meet New Challenges

A 30+ year bull market in bonds left investors with low yields and duration risk. Now, fixed income markets face a sea change. Global central banks have begun to raise rates and reduce their balance sheets. An era of unparalleled easing is transitioning into a period of quantitative tightening, while US budget deficits swell. Investors’ search for income must evolve, not just to prepare for new risks, but also new opportunities.

Non-traditional and unconstrained bond funds may help navigate the inflection point of today’s fixed income markets, whether investors seek yield, total return, or a “smoother ride.” The session will review the challenges facing income investors amidst changing fiscal and monetary policies worldwide. We will illustrate the strategies, tools, and instruments utilized to manage risk and identify opportunity in global bond markets.

Gino A. Nucci, CFA, Managing Director, Client Services – Fixed Income

9:55 – 10:25 – Morning Networking Break

10:25 – 11:15 – Lower Cost Diversification and New Opportunities in Alternative ETFs

Alternative ETF launches drive the latest wave of innovation in liquid alternatives. The variety of alternative strategies available as exchange-traded products continues to grow, as advisors seek opportunities in a structure recognized for tax-efficiency, ease of trading, and lower potential costs. The alternative ETF universe has expanded beyond leveraged and short index funds to a broad array of single and multi-strategy offerings, encompassing long/short equity, arbitrage, nontraditional bonds, global macro, currencies, commodities, and other strategies.

This session will review the growing array of alternative ETFs, the breadth of strategies offered, their effectiveness relative to alternative mutual funds, and considerations for implementation. Portfolio managers will provide in-depth insight into how alternative ETFs are designed to capture differentiated sources of risk and return.

Salvatore Bruno, Chief Investment Officer & Managing Director

Rick Lake, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman
Lake Partners

11:15 – 11:40 – Why Consider Diversifying Strategies

Recent periods of positive returns—with reduced correlation to traditional asset classes—have driven a resurgence of renewed investor interest in managed futures. New trends in commodity, currency, and financial markets, as well as central bank action and world economies, have provided fresh sources of profits—and challenges—for both systematic and discretionary managers. This session will highlight the dynamics driving managed futures, the variety of approaches, how the sector may complement traditional assets, and the varied opportunities and risks that remain.

Yung-Shin Kung, Managing Director
Credit Suisse

11:40 – 12:05 – Solving for Rising Volatility and Rising Rates

As fixed-income securities with equity attributes, convertible bonds may provide a means to capture the advantages of both worlds. This session will outline how the hybrid equity-fixed income structure of convertibles may help reduce volatility, hedge against rising rates, and capture equity-like returns with less risk over the long-term. The session will further explore how leverage may be applied to the asset class to potentially enhance the benefits.

Greg Miller, Founder, CEO & Portfolio Manager
Wellesley Asset Management, Inc.

12:05 – 12:30 – 
Seeking a Comprehensive Solution to Liquid Alternatives

Advisors have sought a practical tool to increase diversification, reduce overall portfolio volatility, and achieve enhanced risk-adjusted returns for client portfolios. As a result, multialternative funds have become the largest category within the liquid alternatives universe. They seek to provide an “all-in-one” or core solution for a liquid alternatives allocation. There are varied approaches and structures within this sector, from single manager to multi-manager, as well as innovative approaches combining alternative beta strategies with hedge fund managers.

This session will explore the process of combining multiple strategies in a single fund, and will detail how to blend different but complementary exposures to create a risk/return profile that may enhance diversification for a traditional portfolio.

Michael Zinkand, Executive Director, Fund Strategy
FS Investments

12:30 – 1:40 – Applying Institutional Insights to Investing in Liquid Alternatives

Our lunch keynote will provide the latest thought leadership for practitioners to apply in the decision-making process:

  • Innovation and trends in the liquid alternatives space
  • Institutional trends and the latest research and key applications for liquid alternatives
  • Wilshire’s insights for portfolio construction and asset allocation using liquid alternative investments

Joshua Emanuel, CFA, Chief Investment Officer
Wilshire Funds Management

1:40 – 2:30 – Special Opportunities in US and Emerging Market Equities

Increasing dispersion and reduced correlations between stocks and sectors may be creating a fertile environment for  long/short equity strategies. This session will highlight managers capitalizing on fundamentals as a driver of equity opportunities within their specialties: US and emerging market equities.

The managers will review how they combine intensive, fundamental research with top down considerations, and how shorts may be used as a profit opportunity or as a defensive hedge. They will explore recent changes in equity market dynamics and the importance of hedged approaches at this moment in the equity market cycle in both US and non-US markets.

Paul Korngiebel, CFA, Portfolio Manager
Boston Partners

Ali Motamed, CFA, Managing Partner
Invenomic Capital Management

2:30 – 3:20 – The Search for Diversification and Uncorrelated Returns

Amidst coordinated global growth, commodities have begun to rise off of a 26-year low. Investors’ search for new approaches to diversification and return opportunities less correlated to financial assets, as well as concerns over rising inflation, have driven renewed interest in commodities.

The session will explore how cycles effect the investment potential and prices of commodities, and how different instruments—from commodity futures to commodity equities—may be combined to potentially enhance the risk/return profile of commodity investing.

We will highlight:

  • The dynamics and structure of the commodity markets
  • Sources of risk and return
  • Correlation characteristics between commodities and financial assets
  • Commodities’ potential to serve as an inflation hedge
  • Blending long-only and long/short strategies

Samuel Lau, Asset Allocation

Will Rhind, Founder & CEO

3:20 – 3:40 – Afternoon Networking Break

3:40 – 4:05 – The Cryptocurrency Phenomenon

Fintech is driving revolutionary change in global finance and has led to the growth of digital currencies. The cryptocurrency universe continues to expand through initial coin offerings, related futures and options contracts, dedicated cryptocurrency funds, and the pending registration of ETFs. The session will provide an overview of the key considerations for investing in digital currencies:

  • What are cryptocurrencies and why are investors interested in them?
  • Which individual cryptocurrencies are worth watching?
  • What are the most effective vehicles for investing in cryptocurrencies?
  • How do cryptocurrency investments fit in a portfolio?
  • What are the current trends in regulation of cryptocurrencies?
  • What are the technology and security risks?

Max Bodoia, CEO
Cryptoindex Capital Management LLC

4:05 – 4:55 – New Perspectives on Alternatives in Asset Allocation

In the years following the financial crisis, central bank stimulus drove interest rates to historic lows and risk assets to cyclical highs. Now, markets are facing rising volatility, rising rates, and rising inflation as central banks transition from easing to tightening. While traditional assets have served investors well, advisors are revisiting alternatives proactively as they seek to construct better portfolios for a new investment regime. Moreover, “tax reform” means investors must update how they seek to maximize after-tax returns.

The conference will conclude with an in-depth, practical, and interactive discussion by seasoned practitioners on portfolio construction with liquid alternatives. Experts will provide insights on asset allocation incorporating the spectrum of alternative strategies. What allocations to liquid alternatives may potentially increase diversification, reduce volatility, or enhance returns for a multi-asset portfolio? Should allocations to liquid alternatives be funded from stocks, bonds, or both? What kind of alternative allocations may be most appropriate for different types of clients? Which structures are tax-efficient under the new tax law?

Session Leader:
Rick Lake, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman
Lake Partners

Cynthia Crandall, Vice President, Senior Investment Analyst

Robert Gordon, President
Twenty-First Securities

Anshul Sharma, Managing Director – Head of Alternative Investment Strategy
Bank of America

5:00 – 6: 00– Cocktail Reception

JV Events Group reserves the right to alter the agenda without notice, including substitution or cancellation of speakers and/or topics.

For further information, please contact:
Don Friedman | Tel: 646-321-1785 | Email: don@jveventsgroup.com