Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words, but high praise in words is even better. Here are just a few of the happy, successful partners and clients of Joint Venture Events Group:
Don is a talented trade show organizer. Over the years Don has demonstrated he understood the needs of my business and has help me achieve my goals at my industry annual trade show.
Reggie Browne, Senior Managing Director, ETF Group, Cantor Fitzgerald
As a sponsor we are quick to sign up for one of Don’s events. Why? Because he flat out delivers the quality attendee base we are looking for. Why do they attend? Because Don time and again has proven he knows how to craft a world class agenda filled with very top of mind content, presented by real experts, while also weaving in top draw keynote speakers. All conference participants will find Don’s events to be extremely user friendly – from registration, to state of the art technology, to grade A locations.
Adam Phillips, COO, Van Eck/Market Vectors ETFs
As a shareholder in, I can say without question, that Don has played a preeminent role in increasing the valuation of the company. Don possesses all the necessary skills in running an events company. I’m excited to be working with Don in this next chapter of his career as his joint venture business model is truly a novel approach in the events industry.
Charlie Stroller, CEO & Founder, Financial Advisor and Private Wealth Magazines
Don brings a level of professionalism and maturity that is unequaled. He has the court vision to recognize and act on opportunities before others do. In the short time I’ve been working with Don, he’s presented 3 new and promising revenue opportunities that we are now executing on.
Brian Klebash, President & Founder, CapRate Events, LLC
Don’s track record of producing first class industry leading events speaks for itself. His ability to bring together the right audience, relevant content and an engaging experience is second to none. All attendees, whether they be sponsors, attendees or media benefit in a meaningful way from attending the cutting edge experience that a Don Friedman event offers.
Dodd Kittsley, Head of ETF Strategy, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management
Don Friedman is a long-time leader in the world of investment conferences. Great speaking faculties and top-notch agendas are the hallmarks of his events. Don provides great networking opportunities with leading investors, thought leaders, and service providers all in attendance. His conferences are well-organized with finely-tuned logistics. His team delivers personal and professional service. The bottom line: Don’s events have been successful in securing new clients and significant assets under management for our investment organization.
Rick Lake, Co-Chairman, Lake Partners